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Flemish Vikingz is an airsoft team that originated from a group of friends. A small team maybe, but working hard to become a top team.

The team consists off a group of experienced airsoft players from the coastal region in West-Flanders. We strive to closer coordinate gameplay and plan events together. We try to push ourselves on and off the field.

As a team, we believe that almost everything should be done on a voluntary basis in order to keep the spirit high. No obligations regarding replica choices and so on.
As long as you are active and like our airsoft experience as a gentleman’s sport in which team play, fairplay & funplay come first, chances are you click with our team.

We see our team not as a team, but as a family, on and off the field. Off the field, we have bbq’s together, movie nights and have drinks together. Even if one of our member moves, we help out.

Would you like to be one of the Vikingz or are you just curious? Then look further on our site.