Code of conduct

General rules

We always strive to work with the latest rules from the AAB. If you want to know more, you can read their rules on the AAB website. Pay attention! On some fronts we have extra or more strict rules. Also take into account that we regularly play in the Netherlands, so extra restrictions are in place there.

Flemish Vikingz is a team that wants to grow. You can submit an application to become a member and, depending on your personal development, you can progress to ‘leadership’. The management is part of the team (the ‘founders’) that keeps busy every day to keep everything running smoothly.

As a team member you are free to choose your replica and tactical vest (if you wear one). As a team we only have our camo and loadout which are required for all team members:

  • CQB = coyote/multicam pants with team jersey/hoodie and arm protection
  • Woodland = coyote/multicam pants with black shirt/team hoodie
  • You receive the team, unit and and callsign patch once you are admitted to the team. You have to wear these at all times during skirms. Team patch is worn on the left sleeve of your shirt, unit patch on the right and callsign patch above the unit patch.
  • Sponsorship patches are required to be worn at all times. No exceptions.

Specific rules

  • Members need to play at least one skirm per month. Only if there is a valid reason for not being able to comply this rule is void.
    • Valid reasons for not participating in this rule: illness, family problems, etc.
  • You are expected to buy and use a compatible voice comm set. More information can be obtained with team lead.
  • Because we play hard in CQB, we expect you to wear full face protection (like Dye Goggles, Empire Helix, etc. )


  • Every member contributes 50 EUR / year to the yearly infrastructure. This budget is used to host the website, domain name, buy our team patches and your personal patches and any other costs the team has. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.
  • Membership fee is to be paid in January every year.
  • For new members that join after January, you are expected to pay the team contribution after receiving your team and name patch and so becoming a full team member.
  • Once you are a full member, you receive a membership card. This and only this grants you discount with our sponsors.
  • If you are kicked from the team for whatever reason, including the rules listed above, you are not entitled to get the contribution back. You are an adult, so you are responsible for your own behavior.